Real Feel Of An Animal Skin.

animal fabrics

Apart from the reality that animals are living beings and they must not be harmed, there are ample number of occupations which are successful earning just from the skin of animals. We all are fusionists right and we all are aware of that famous leopard print undergarments, shirts and other apparels. Have we ever imagined how we get that particular skin texture on a piece of cloth? Definitely, those skin textures we get on the clothes come from animal furs and secretions and are called animal fabrics in australia.

What is an animal fabric?

Not literally it is something which we call skin of an animal, whereas, this is something made of hair, follicle, fur, skin and secretion of animals usually called animal fibers. To elaborate further we all are really fond of silk as a material for clothing right? Silk is made of fibers of silkworms. Cashmere goats are a big resource for Cashmere clothing and there are so many more examples which can be coated. In short animal fibers are big source for animal fabrics. Basically, the chemical properties of animal fibers are same made of protein and keratin only silk is something consists of protein fibroin only. Certainly, there is a misconception regarding varieties available in the market which pertains to animal fibers and can be labeled as animal fabrics.

How the pattern comes in?

Similarly, there is a misconception related to the print like an animal skin on animal fabrics. Certainly, there are artificial skin which is made from animal fibers but, natural print of animal skin comes from printing dyes only. It’s like when they are done with the material they print animal fabric in a certain way almost close to the natural print of animals. Mostly patterned animal skins are: Leopard, Zebra and tiger but overall there are plain skin animals with a good feel of carpeting kind feel. Animal fabrics are famous and there are countries where animal hunting issues are lesser; this kind of fabrics comes in the picture. In western countries animals are not frequently hunted as they have separate animal rights, regulations and laws, hence Asian, pan Asian and eastern countries are more rich in animal fabric industries. So much so, the exports of animal fabrics are higher in Asian and eastern countries as compared to western and other countries. Regions where animal killing is not acceptable; animal fabric is not their thing at all. In modern world as we are getting more educated we know the significance of life, as a result, they just enjoying artificial things instead of really animal skin clothes or pattern. Science and tech are so advanced these days that anyone can get any choice.

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